Cloud Maturity Matrix

Our interactive profile tool allows you to map your current cloud maturity profile against a number of key criteria.

This easy to use tool provides an essential visual guide, helping you plan and develop your IT roadmap to optimise future business performance.

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> 75% cloud consumption
25% to 75% cloud consumption
5% to < 25% cloud consumption
< 5% cloud consumption
Cloud Cloud
Flexible cloud model
Public cloud focused, mature hybrid solution
Flexible colocation and migration to cloud
Colocation and privately hosted
Hosting Hosting
100% virtualised
> 75% estate virtualised
> 50% estate virtualised
< 50% estate virtualised
Virtualisation Virtualisation
Focused PaaS and SaaS
Mix mode service model
IaaS focused
Not a service based model
Service Service
Fully integrated and mature development lifecycle
Modern application stack with mature development cycle
Application strategy understood, modernisation in progress
Legacy applications, monolithic, no application strategy
Application Application
Containerisation and microservices
Majority instances, exploring microservices
Monolithic, legacy, individual instances
Server Server
Preventative and self-healing
Fully measurable and proactive, mature upgrade process
Proactive, process in place for upgrades
Legacy and EoL OS and applications, reactive support
Management Management
Enhanced data analytics, business focused reporting, leveraging ML & AI technologies
Structured data, fully automated reporting, ML/AI focused
Consolidation of data models, some automated reporting and integration
Silos, legacy, manual or no reporting, no data strategy
Data Data
Established Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
Fully orchestrated and automated
Mix of manual and automated
Provisioning Provisioning
Proactive and integrated
Proactive monitoring
Reactive monitoring
Monitoring Monitoring
Multi-layered security and risk-based approach & continuous compliance
Secure by design, proactive protection and alignment with compliance frameworks
Individual security products, some integration, proactive protection
Individual security products, no integration, reactive protection
Security and Compliance Security & Compliance
HA by design
Platforms and service recovery, automated
Site-level recovery, meeting SLAs, manual recovery
Not meeting SLAs, not confident, failures
Recovery Recovery
Cloud and Digital First - Application-centric, focus of agile delivery and improvements
Cloud first strategy - focus on transformation of services
Hybrid cloud - focus on cost efficiency, manageability, performance, resiliency
Hybrid solution - focus on modernising infrastructure
Cloud Strategy Cloud Strategy
Agile workforce, collaborative business, single function and service orientated
Consolidation function, agile transformation in progress, broader skillset
Shadow functions, upskilling in progress, little business alignment
Traditional and functional, disconnected from business
People People
Business driven, innovation and centre of excellence
Technology seen as business enabler, emerging innovation
Technology driven, initial collaboration between business & IT
IT as a cost rather than benefit, infrastructure-first approach
Culture Culture
> 50% OpEx
15% to 50% OpEx
5% to < 15% OpEx
< 5% OpEx
CapEx to OpEx Cap Ex to Op Ex
Utilisation by business units
Charge back to business units
Unified hybrid billing
Traditional IT function categories
Cost Granularity Cost Granularity